Working on your historic home – Rules, Regulations, and What’s Needed

There are always a lot of questions, concerns, and misunderstandings when it comes to doing work on your historic home. As a rule of thumb, always keep in mind that when you want to do any work on your home or property, all outside/exterior work, must be approved by the Columbus Historic Resources Commission (HRC).

Everything you do to your home, effects historic preservation for both your property and the other properties in the neighborhood. While all work done on the outside of your historic home will require an HRC approved Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), not all work will require a permit. For example, I’m getting ready to build a privacy fence along the north side of my property line. While I did receive a COA for this, Columbus residents are not required to obtain a permit to build any fence that is 6′ tall or shorter. Therefore, I am able to obey the historic preservation guidelines, build what I want, and not have to go through the sometimes headache-causing process of obtaining a permit.

For more information on what you can and cannot do to the exterior of your property, please read the Columbus Register of Historic Properties Architectural Guidelines. For more information about zoning, permits, and licenses, please contact the Department of Development.

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