Mardi Gras
Old Oaks celebrates the coming of the Lenten fasting season in grand style. Held the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, the festivities are open to all Old Oaks Civic Association Members and their guests who are truly interested in a night of revelry! A purely secular gathering, the Old Oaks Mardi Gras Party serves as an important fundraiser for many of the community’s events, and features a variety of food, beverages, and entertainment. While costume is not required, it is encouraged…as is purchasing a slice of traditional King Cake for a chance to win a wonderful door prize.

Easter Egg Hunt
Held the Saturday before Easter, the Old Oaks Easter Egg Hunt is a time for the Civic Association to give back to the children and families of the community. Held on the south end of the Wilson Avenue Boulevard, the Easter Egg Hunt features hundreds of toys and prizes waiting to be found by children of all ages. And what would an Easter Egg Hunt be without our very own Peter Cottontail? Pictures and frames are available for a nominal fee, as are refreshments.

Wine Tasting & Garden Tour
The Garden Tour is an annual event held on the first Saturday of June that showcases the gardens of Old Oaks’ residents in all their glory and stages of completion. From the beginning gardener, to the beginning of a project, to the ornate English-style gardens replete with water features, the Garden Tour is great as a both a relaxing stroll through the neighborhood and as a way to gather ideas for your own garden. The tour is held in odd numbered years, and usually falls on the first Sunday of June.

Wednesdays on the Porch
Perhaps the most famous of all the Old Oaks events (as the Mardi Gras Party is perhaps infamous), Wednesdays on the Porch is an event that truly cements Old Oaks together as a community. Held every Wednesday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, this event is an informal gathering of friends and neighbors from throughout the community. Truly a time to relax, catch up, and enjoy the company of others, Wednesdays on the Porch is held at a different home every week. Hosts serve a variety of refreshments, from cookies and lemonade, to hors d’oeuvre and sangria.

Pumpkin Sale
A bit of fall fun, the Pumpkin sale is held mid-October at the corner of Wilson and Newton. Neighbors come out to peddle their pumpkins to each passersby. Pumpkins of all sizes are available, along with various other accoutrements, such as Halloween cookies and Indian corn. The Pumpkin Sale is a great way to celebrate the fall season!

Holiday Home Tour
The Holiday Season is a special time for many people, and Old Oaks celebrates it with our Annual Holiday Home Tour. Held the second Saturday of December, residents of Old Oaks invite everyone to take part in viewing select neighborhood homes in all their seasonal glory. The homes on the tour vary greatly in style and level of completion, but the warmth of the season is present in them all. This unique event allows you to see the character that defines the homes within this historic neighborhood.

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2 Responses to Events

  1. Shanell Banks says:

    Good Afternoon.

    I was looking for the days for the annual wine tasting and party at the carriage house.

    My family and I normally come every year, but I don’t see it in the schedule. Have we missed it?

    Thank you.

    • jpearson says:

      Hi Shanell. We’ll be posting the schedule soon for this event soon. I’d say check back within a month to find out when it will be.

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